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Where are you going to train?

What does the plan include?

The plan includes both the training routine to do in the gym or at home as well as a personalized diet.

In the case of training, the plan includes a routine with detailed exercises and explanatory videos that you can do at home or in the gym.

At all times you will know what exercises you should do each day, as well as how many series and repetitions of each one.

In order to get the most out of training if you have chosen the "Home" option, I recommend that you have:

  • Pull-up bar.
  • Two weights minimum of 5kg.
  • Chair to perform pectoral exercises, leg lifts, etc.

It includes a detailed menu , both in terms of food and quantity, of meals for a week.

This nutrition plan is based on your goals, food tastes, needs and is made especially for you, at all times you will know the meals you should make, as well as the amount of each food.

It is not necessary to take supplementation to see progress, even so, if you want to take supplementation you can let me know in the questionnaire and I will tell you which ones, how and when you should take them.

In addition, you will have contact by mobile phone 24 hours a day, if necessary answering on the same day.

How long does it last?

My plans have a duration of 4 weeks or 90 days depending on the chosen plan .

Once I buy the plan, what happens?

Upon receipt of payment, I send you an email with the initial questionnaire.

Once you send it to me completed, I begin to prepare your personalized plan and send it to you within a period of 5 working days.

Every week I review your plan, in this review I see your progress, what you liked most about the plan, what you did not like and what your next goals are and based on that information, I adjust the plan and send it back to you with the corresponding changes if necessary.


In the App you will have access to explanatory videos of the exercises , a record of your metrics and marks in terms of training to be able to evaluate your progression objectively, I will pass your workouts to the app so that you can execute them more easily, and all the recipe content and meal plan.

¿Qué incluye el plan?

El plan incluye tanto la rutina de entrenamiento para hacer en gym o en casa como una dieta personalizada.

En el caso del entrenamiento, el plan incluye una rutina con ejercicios detallados y vídeos explicativos que podrás realizar en casa o en gym. En todo momento sabrás cuáles son los ejercicios que debes realizar cada día, así como cuántas series y repeticiones de cada uno.

Para poder sacar el máximo provecho al entrenamiento si has escogido la opción «Casa», te recomiendo que tengas:

-Barra dominadas.

-Dos pesas minimo de 5kg.

-Silla para poder realizar ejercicios de pectoral, elevaciones de pierna,etc.

Incluye un menú detallado, tanto en alimentos como en cantidad, de las comidas de una semana.

Este plan de nutrición está basado en tus objetivos, gustos alimenticios, necesidades y está realizado especialmente para ti, en todo momento sabrás las comidas que debes realizar, así como la cantidad de cada alimento.

Además, dispondrás de contacto por móvil las 24h, si es necesario contestando en el mismo día.

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